After trials and errors, after many twists and turns and searching for the best way, we found ourselves face to face with something that was always with us and we did not know how to value, algae, and together with them we discovered their power and magic. Thanks to this, today we are moving to change the way we see food. We want to continue evolving healthy eating, using the power of what the sea gives us. Today we are a team that works hand in hand with communities of artisanal seaweed gatherers from the national coasts, creating rich, healthy products that connect us with the sea. We will continue to create new ways to connect with these wonderful resources and the ways of life that have been created around them.

Jose Tomás Sagredo and Ignacio Cueto

The sea brought them together and today they form the AMAREA team, working hand in hand to continue exploring the riches of the sea and discovering new ways to feed ourselves in a conscious way, in balance with the development of communities and ecosystems.

Marcos Baeza

Itamae and Amarea, from Lolol, in the O'Higgins Region.

Marcos is a lover and a deep connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, its flavors and textures. Creator of new sensations, he combines Japanese culinary culture with national endemic seaweed.