we work together
in Chile

For generations, seaweed gathering communities have developed a tradition of work and coastal life, where the seashore is the core of their tradition and identity.

Amarea's roots are in the artisanal seaweed gatherers of our country. We admire, value and respect their craft, and share their loyalty, love and perseverance for the care of the sea. Working hand in hand with harvesting communities inspires us every day, empowering and preserving their craft allows us to reach you with the best of the sea.

Craftsmanship and tradition

Since ancient times, algae have been present in the diet of people, and thus, the culture and trade around the extraction and cooking of these resources.
In Chile there are hundreds of species of algae, which bloom from the rocks, facing large tides, tidal changes and being food for many species, including humans.

The extraction of seaweed happens mainly in the summer months, because the climate is ideal for drying and preserving these wonderful marine plants. For this, the harvesting communities migrate to their "Rucos", basic dwellings located on the beach, specifically in the extraction areas of each community. These spaces become their centers of operation in the months of higher temperatures.

Every day, the algueras and algueros organize the time when they will enter the sea according to the low tide, the time with the lowest tide, as this allows them to have greater reach and less swell on the rocks where they extract.

We have worked for years hand in hand with the algueros and algueras of the O'Higgins region, and today we continue to expand this work along the coasts of our country.

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